Is There a Legal Way to Trap a Virginia Raccoon?

In some of the rural communities of Miami, there are such species which are free to roam around, even in the households. You will find it very common for some wildlife animals to intrude into Virginia residents' homes and mess around. Among such species deer, fox and racoon are some highly unexpected ones in other parts of the world.

Why they irritate you?

And an obvious reaction of Charlottesville people is to get rid of them and fetch methods to make their life at ease, either by traps or kills. Life is not at all easy with such unwanted wildlife mocking in your kitchen, lawns or sometimes even bedrooms. But a bigger problem is an absolute restriction on killing and some effective methods of trapping, in some states.

Trapping the Virginia wildlife creatures

While in other states there exist laws for trapping of Charlottesville wildlife. For instance, fur-bearing mammals are allowed to be captured or trapped only under the condition of producing harm to your property, and that too with certain dos and don'ts.

What law says about trapping a raccoon?

As per the regulation code, trapping of mammals being illegal, cannot be carried out without following

465.5 (f)(1). A person who is trapping any fur-bearing or non-game mammal should be registered with the department and must possess a valid trap number issued by the department. The punching or stamping of current registered trap number on the traps being used or display through chained metallic tags is compulsory.

465.5 (g)(3). Placement of traps within a radius of 150 yards of any temporary or permanent residence is strictly prohibited. An only exception is a person who is himself an owner or authorised controller of that place or possesses a written agreement of the owner or the authorised controller of the resident property.

The law permits trapping of racoons but only after the approval of the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Adhere to the above regulations and get rid of those annoying racoons.

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