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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Charlottesville! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Charlottesville, VA. We know that you want someone you can really rely on when you have a wild animal in your home. Preferably someone who has plenty of tools and bits of equipment and can remove the animal in the quickest time possible. This is definitely the case with obviously dangerous animals, such as venomous snakes (which we can handle with ease, by the way), but also with seemingly not-dangerous animals, such as mice or furry raccoons. Unfortunately, the diseases spread by these wild critters are too dangerous to take the risk with, and that's where we come in very handy. We don't just remove the problem itself from your property — the animal — we also remove any evidence that the animal was ever there. There's a very good reason for this — most wild animals come with a long list of hazards to human and pet health, and the longer they are in your property, the higher the chances of those diseases spreading around. We put a stop to that with the strongest biological cleaners and vacuum filters, all as part of our sanitation and cleanup services. Fully licensed and insured to deal with any and all wild animals in your home or commercial building, our phone staff are on-hand 24/7 for your removal and control needs. Free ballpark quote available over the phone, or in writing by request. Call us now at 434-218-1003 for your Charlottesville wildlife control needs.

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Charlottesville Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Dealing With Bats That Get Into Your House

Bats are very useful in the environment they eat insects and very helpful in the ecosystem. But having bats in your house is not a good idea, it may harm you and your family. It may also bring alarm and may destruct your house. So the question is, what if a bat got inside your house, bedroom, kitchen, etc?

Bat inside the house

Having Charlottesville bats flying and flapping inside your house is a gruesome site and it is very disturbing for you and your family. Bat makes your house their home because maybe they start their colony in that area, they also find peace, food and shelter on it. But having them inside your house is not a good idea.

Problem if bat is inside the house

There are lots of consequences if bats are inside your house like;

  • They bring dirt to your house
  • It is not a good sight to see
  • They may bring parasites
  • It may stain your walls and ceiling
  • What to do?

    If there are already Virginia bats inside your house the question is what are you going to do? There are some ways that you can do, like use some repellants and even one-way exclusion trap to get rid of the bats right away. You may also call professionals to help you with that.

    The needs of removing the Charlottesville bats

    Of course, there is a need for you to remove bats inside your Virginia house. Why? It can cause you problems that you do not want to encounter. Your house is your safe haven and not a cave that bats can live on. Bats are not domesticated animals that you can consider as your pet as well. Just be cautious and do not kill them.